Induced over-voltage from atmospheric origin and electromagnetic disturbances destroy, each year, communications systems.

The line transformer and its use

An essential product, more topical than ever in view of the growing development in the analog and digital transmission systems. This high quality transformer is a passive component, simple, efficient, extremely reliable and, moreover, not expensive.

The line transformer and its function

A line transformer is essentially designed to:

match the line impedance to the one of the equipment to protect, in order to avoid reflection losses
transmit the voice currents, the high-frequency signals or the remote-control pulses, in maintaining a composite weakening level as low as possible in the transmitting voice band
prevent with galvanic insulation the propagation of induced over-voltage, undesirable on aerial and underground lines, up to the equipment to protect
artificially constitute zero voltage points for phantom circuits
transmit the ringing current with a high level of efficiency

Protect - Secure - To match

The line transformer is apart of the following equipments:

Protection & security for phone and communication network of ISDN/ADSL customer
Protection & security for ADSL connection, modems, PC
Protection & security for all telecommunication equipment working in power line and electrical traction area
Protection & security of mobile transmission (radio, UMTS, GSM) for the terrestrial line protection
Protection & security for data transmission lines MIC, xDSL
Protection & security for data transmission MIC, xDSL by power lines
Protection & security for audio transmission and systems
Match the line impedance to the one of the equipment, in order to avoid reflection losses
Transmit the ringing current with a high efficiency
Protect & secure the measures instruments

Example of a connection with line transformers


Manufacturing standards

Our products' manufacturing standards meet the specifications of SWISSCOM Ltd and CFF (Swiss railways). The first-rate performances of our products as well as their extreme reliability are due to a great experience, the selection of the highest quality materials, and to a particularly careful manufacturing. Furthermore, each transformer undergoes a complete quality control.

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