Line Transformer
For the impulse or DTMF transmission

TP - 15E 600 / 600


Technical specifications

Bandwidth : 100 Hz - 8 kHz  < 1.0 dB
Coil asymmetry (phantom asymmetry) line side and telephone exchange side at 1600 Hz  > 70 dB
Insulation resistor at 500 V DC, each half-coil against all the others and the case  15 G

Voltage resistance at 50 Hz, tested during 2 min :

  • between primary and secondary
  • between both half-coils respectively telephone exchange side and line side
  •  15 KVAC rms

     600VAC rms

    Standard* impedance primary/secondary (telephone exchange side/line side)  600 / 600
    * Other values upon request

    Weight : 1.650 Kg

    Case (click on the insight...)

    +/- are the 48 VDC continuous supply terminals. The terminal is connected to the network's earth. Ca and Cb are connected to the line side. Ta and Tb are connected to the device side.


    Characteristics and dimensions are supplied for information only and can be modified without notice.